Finishing Services

Demonstrate style and organisation

Bring your documentation in-store to bind and finish. We've also got a big range of front and back covers to create a proper book like look and feel.

Staple your documents

If you have any documents that require stapling, bring them in-store and one of our team members will assist you. Stapling is a really affordable option and suits documents that might be too small to bind.

Laminate your document

Bring your documents in-store for lamination. Get your documents and certificates laminated to last longer. Laminating protects your documents from weather, water and is ideal for restaurant menus, maps, certificates, signs and notices.

When glossy paper or photos are laminated, the colours become brighter and more vivid. Lamination is using a polyester material coated with low melt polymer adhesive. This protects prints from weather damage and adds strength to the print. Many different types of paper can be used laminated.

Hole punch & drill

Save time by getting bulk copies drilled for ring binders. For documents over 250 pages, drilling is required as a hole punch. Get your document drilled for multi-ring binders.

Trim & Guillotine

Our in-store state of the art paper guillotining machines are ideal for bulk quantities. They are able to cut through basically any paper and are good for any shape of paper or cardboard.